Extreme Recycling, Inc. was originally founded in 1993 as a non-profit called Extreme Dream. The focus of the organization was helping teenagers and young adults overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Although our business status has changed over the years, our mission of assisting our local community through charities, shelters, community groups, non-profits and schools has not. Below are just a few of our partners!


The Friendly Center is a nonprofit family and community resource center, and a free resource for Placentia families. Since 1924, Friendly Center has been dedicated to improving the lives of children, adults, and seniors by helping them move toward self-sufficiency through immediate aid and a variety of educational and life skills programs. The California Family Resource Association named Friendly Center a model program with community-based mental health services.

The Project
The Friendly Center operates the programs and services at the Gomez Community Center in Placentia. After the city completed an extensive remodel and redesign of the Gomez Center, there were insufficient funds for Friendly Center staff computers.

On the opening day of the Gomez Center, Extreme Recycling donated and installed computers, monitors and peripherals in the Friendly Center offices so that staff could immediately start working.


The Gomez Center offers free programs and services including:
adult programs, counseling services, domestic violence intervention, emergency assistance for rent, utilities, and clothing as available, family advocacy – assisting families in crisis, information and referrals – resource assistance, parenting classes, food programs – emergency and supplemental assistance, children and youth academic tutoring programs – homework assistance and academic enrichment for children in first through sixth grade.

The Project

When the City of Placentia completed a beautiful remodel and redesign of the Gomez Center there were no computers budgeted into the project. Extreme Recycling donated a full multi- station computer lab for the center, including desktop computers, monitors, keyboards and mice.

The Gomez Community Center Website


The Placentia- Yorba Linda Unified School District operates several programs for students that require expensive specialized equipment. Extreme Recycling has donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of computers, specialized monitors, peripherals and computer parts to the District.

Academies Prepare Students for a Future Beyond High School

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is proud to offer academy programs in its comprehensive high schools.

El Dorado High offers Digital Media Arts;
Esperanza High offers Medical Sciences;
Valencia High offers Val Tech; and
Yorba Linda High will offer a Hospitality Management Academy starting in the 2013-2014 school year.

Each of these academies provide internship opportunities, and in some cases, college credit or industry certification so that students may enter the workforce if they so desire.

Classes offered are structured in a multi-year sequence of study that equips students with core knowledge along with lab work relative to that specific industry. For example, at Valencia High School a student in the Val Tech Academy may choose a pathway in Arts and Communication where students study media production, photography and more; Business and Computer Science where students study computerized accounting or webpage design; or Science and Technology (Engineering) where students learn CAD and other skills for architecture or engineering. The Val Tech Academy has also partnered with well-known companies to assist students in completing the program’s required internships. At El Dorado, the Digital Media Arts program boasts a television recording and editing studio and computers loaded with a suite of the latest animation software for students to produce animation, digital photography or film.

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